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Hello, and welcome to the Car-tag community!!

This is a community that allows people to share experiences with the game car tag.

How to play car tag:
Get a bunch of friends, who drive cars. Have one drive, and have another be the passenger. The passenger's job is throwing. The driver can throw too.

Have someone start being it. Let the others go away so the persons being it come to find you. They have to manuver their way around the streets(within a set amount of boundaries) to try and throw the ball at another car. The persons in the other car have to get out and get the ball that was thrown at them, to give the guys who just threw it time to get away.

Set a time limit, or don't. Just do whatever you feel like. Make up your own rules and tell us. We guarantee you a good time.

(As a side note, be careful while driving. It can get pretty dangerous. Obey stop signs and traffic signals at least...)