we played two half-hour games, from 11:00-11:30, and 11:30-12:30 in South Cove.

Team Better (me and Myke) totally owned Team Good (mcsarah and encephalon) and Team Mormon (tubanate and Joel). My team didn't get tagged once!

Team Good decided to follow us around while Team Mormon was "it," so we called up Team Mormon on their cell phone and struck a deal. We lead Team Good straight to them, and they got totally owned!

I wish I had this shirt to wear while I was playing--wouldn't that be ironic?


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I just had the first car tag injury. I small cut on my knee from taking a sharp turn without a seat belt. Good Game.

Note: The Plataue is a better place for a game than South Cove...though i think I like South Cove more anyways....

other car tag game?

I was curious to see if there was another car tag game, so I did a search on google for '"car tag" game' and found this website. It's really not the same thing at all, besides the car part. Anyway, I thought it was interesting.
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Calvin & Hobbes

Car Tag....

Best idea ever. Went out tonight for the first time. I must say it's up there with brassing as one of the top of cool games to do in cars.

We start at 12, and get done at 1. Adam and I in one car, Daniel and Tracy in one, Darst and Alex in one, and Sean and Kasey in one.

So much goofing off and driving around like crazy people.

So many balls being thrown at cars. Daniel lost a windshield wiper. Our first damage from car tag!!

Gonna do it again. Gonna try and get more people to come with cars, seeing how its the best game ever invented in the last few days!!

A side note, Playing car tag in a relatively small area is better than having it spread out with only 4 cars...
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